Bridging the Digital Divide in America

Thanks to grassroots movements and novel actions, rural communities across America are taking the future in their hands to improve connectivity to the world. Making the internet a little bit closer to home, they are able to surf the web and promote their products with ease.

The Challenge:
After years and years of corporate America divestment from rural communities, Local Exchange Carrier, Regional Bell Operating Companies have left behind complete regions. These regions are relying on technologies deployed many generations ago, with little hope for improvement, since the lack of economies of scale don’t justify the overhaul of the operators in those markets. But thanks to modest people with great hearts as well as a profound spark and thirst for advancement; rural communities have learned that they can afford to get real high-speed internet connectivity and bridge the digital divide. Initiatives like the Doe Bay Internet Users Association (“How a group of neighbors created their own Internet service”), spearheaded by visionary and noble thinkers, are improving the lives of the remote community in Washington. They have created a wireless network operation capable of delivering up to 70 Mbps to customers, while the incumbent service operator is only able to deliver connection speeds of 1.5 Mbps on DSL copper lines.

The Solution Relies on Wireless Systems.
Point-to-Point systems are capable of backhauling Gigabytes of Internet data over the air, with higher reliability than obsolete Telecom Incumbent’s DSL copper transport medium, at a fraction of the cost, with little maintenance required. Point-to-Multipoint systems distribute internet services to homes and end customers, connecting this remote town to the World Wide Web.

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