High-Speed Connectivity on the Ski Slopes

Wolf Creek Ski Resort in Colorado provided with reliable internet connection from SkyWerx using Trango’ licensed microwave links.

SkyWerx Industries, LLC – Southwest Colorado
SkyWerx is one of Colorado’s largest independent ISPs, encompassing over 50,000 square miles. SkyWerx provides much of the Southwestern portion of Colorado with high capacity, extremely reliable internet for the business and residential markets. With over 80 links currently in their network, SkyWerx chooses Trango’ products for trusted licensed microwave backhaul links.

The Challenge
When SkyWerx was contracted to supply a reliable internet feed to the Wolf Creek Ski Resort, the initial intent was to use low cost, license-free equipment in 5 GHz. However, after finding many of the solutions lacking in performance, SkyWerx decided to install a licensed microwave solution from Trango. This link replaced multiple DSL circuits, with a more reliable licensed microwave link capable of several hundred Mbps throughput. In fact, the backhaul link from a nearby tower to the SkyWerx network is also through a Trango link.

The Solution
As a manufacturer Trango offers assistance with frequency coordination, and a ‘white gloves’ service in programming the radios. This allowed SkyWerx to turn up service for the ski resort, which required an internet feed to support the everyday functions of the resort in the remotely located Raven’s Nest lodge before the quickly approaching ski season.

“We rely on the high quality and performance of the Trango products for our network, and as such we don’t hesitate to install such links for our enterprise customers. Typically equipment is in stock, ready to ship. Within a matter of days we had our frequencies in place, and equipment on the way!”

Justin Davis

COO, Skywerx

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