Broadcasters Moving to Wireless IP for STL & Intercity Links

Kickstone Solutions caters primarily to the radio and TV broadcast markets, providing hardware sales and consultation to a number of large broadcasters. The trend with many broadcasters is the move to IP based encapsulation of their programming, and control data.

One notable installation involves the use of the all-indoor, Giga LongHaul product, for a link that traverses about 35 miles over water.

The older, analog based system would ‘flap’ because of multipath interference, causing errors in the data stream. The use of the LongHaul has proved very beneficial to the end customer as the link has not had a hiccup in over six months of up time. The all digital, better RF performance of the Trango Giga LongHaul product has made it possible for the customer to pass larger data streams, with much better reliability.

“Trango provides a high performance, cost conscience solution for the needs of my broadcast customers. I can offer my customers their choice of all-outdoor, split-architecture, or all-indoor solutions to meet just about any need we encounter. Additionally, many of these systems are ‘under builds’ to existing long haul microwave links. In these cases it is quite easy to adapt a Trango system to use the customers’ existing feeder line network.”

James Alaniz

Owner, Kickstone Solutions

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