Company Overview

Trango., was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in San Diego County, California — the heart of wireless communication technology innovation. The company is privately held and consistently profitable, with no long-term debt and no VC (venture capital) participation. Trango has a strong record of patents and industry leading innovations.

Our Mission
Trango. is committed to delivering high quality products and services which exceed customer expectations. Our mission is to innovate and deliver industry leading microwave backhaul solutions for our global customer base.

Enabling IP Connectivity
Trango. is one of the leading innovators in wireless backhaul technologies. We are specialists in connecting public and private IP networks, delivering data, voice, video and mobility services across a wide range of applications. Our products are found in mobile and fixed telecommunications, ISPs, WISPs, utilities, transportation, government, education and industrial markets.

Our products support all IP based wireless access technologies, enabling operators to rapidly expand and deliver LTE, 4G, Wi-Fi services across variable distances, terrains and metropolitan profiles. Trango products deliver excellent return on investment, high functionality, future proof technology, innovation and reliability.

Industry Leading Solutions
Our product portfolio offers service providers, network operators and system integrators outstanding features and performance along with exceptional value. Trango solutions offer the very latest innovations in PTP technology in a wide variety of platforms and form factors. Our solutions have been deployed in thousands of applications world-wide due to robust performance, excellent reliability, superior system gain, and ease-of-installation. Trango provides excellent pre-sales and post sales consulting and support and we are the only microwave manufacturer that provides full link pre-configuration service. When you purchase microwave radio systems from Trango, your links will ship with your specific configuration settings applied and tested, saving you time and ensuring your deployments are efficient and successful.

Robust Product Features

  • Industry leading system gain
  • Spectral flexibility & efficiency
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Increased ROI / Cost-effective solutions
  • Comprehensive management & diagnostic tools
  • Variety of form factors (all-outdoor, split, all-indoor)

Unmatched Link Reliability
Our products utilize Advanced Adaptive Coding & Modulation (AACM), which automatically changes the modulation during channel degradation events such as rain or signal fading. Each transition to a lower or higher modulation is done without dropping any traffic and transition thresholds can be configured by the operator. When combined with the Quality of Service features, the most critical traffic is unaffected even in severe fading conditions, increasing overall link up-time. AACM on our licensed band products works in conjunction with automatic transmit power control (ATPC) resulting in TX power increase coinciding with modulation downshift.

Our Values – As a company, and as individuals, we value:

  • Passion for our customers and products
  • Open and respectful interaction with customers, partners and associates
  • Integrity and honesty

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