An Exclusive Interview with John Seaman, Trango

Interview by Prologix Distribution - December 7, 2015

Prologix Distribution is headquartered in Dubai and has footprints all across UAE, GCC, rest of the Middle East and Africa and SAARC countries. A well-known and leading VAD in the region, Prologix Distribution’s offices and warehouses are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kenya, Nigeria, India and Sri Lanka. Prologix Distribution is an authorized distributor for world’s leading technology products. The top brands of the world in RF & Microwave, Wireless & Networking, Test & Measurement, Telecommunications, Security Surveillance etc., feature in Prologix’s partner list.

In an interaction with John Seaman, Vice President of sales at Trango highlights innovative capabilities of microwave technologies and his organization’s overview towards the Middle East market.

Please share an overview on Trango.
Founded in 1996, Trango. is headquartered in San Diego County, California. The company is committed towards wireless communication technology innovation. R &D and innovation are two important sources for Trango as an organization and intellectual property is the main driver for our company’s core ideology. We have a strong record of patents and industry leading innovations.

How is Microwave technology getting considered into wireless communications?
There is misconception that microwave technology is not as reliable as cable, which certainly isn’t the case. Look at a place like Iraq where fiber is getting destroyed or even Dubai where fiber gets damaged due to construction. Microwave technologies are far more redundant and capable of creating a strong wi-fi network as compared to the fiber network.

What is the key strategic priority for Trango for the Middle East market?
Since there are many misconceptions that still exist in this market, we consider that the biggest priority for us is to educate the market with regards to innovative solutions of microwave technologies.

The biggest advantages of microwave wireless are the fact that cables are not required. In this, multiple channels can easily be made available and the most important fact is — it offers wider bandwidth.

The Middle East market is always considered to be the early adopters of new technologies. Customers in this region are far more curious and open to explore newer technologies.

What is your go to market strategy for Middle East market?
We are fully dependent on our channel partners like Prologix and that is why it is important to have strong partners. It is important for any market to have strong partners who understands the market. Prologix holds great understanding of Middle East market.

Please share and overview on Trango’s market outreach in the region. Which are the industry verticals that you focus?
In the Middle East, we are heavily present in the UAE, Bahrain and Iraq. Industry sectors such as defense and Oil & Gas industry are important segments for our business. In addition to the above mentioned countries, a number of economies in the region are developing economies especially in telecommunications. So there is a huge demand in almost every country in the Middle East region.

Which are the flagship product line from your company you would like to emphasize?
Over the years, the company has manufactured products like Orion Series 6-42 Ghz, Carrier Class Backhaul, Lynx Series 6-42 GHz, and Plus Series 6-40 GHz. Since we are an innovation driven organization, soon, we are expected to come out with a new product. It’s not appropriate to talk about it, but it will take microwave to the next level with higher capacity and distance.

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