Our solutions have been deployed in thousands of applications world-wide due to robust performance, excellent reliability, superior system gain, and ease-of-installation. Trango provides excellent pre-sales and post-sales consulting + support with an additional full link pre-configuration service. When you purchase microwave radio systems from Trango, your links will ship with your specific configuration settings applied and tested, saving you time, and ensuring your deployments are efficient and successful.

Trango’s Pre-Configuration White Glove Approach


Trango products are compliant with applicable standards, including RoHS, FCC, IEC, and ETSI. For 4.5-42 GHz microwave systems, the installer must, in most cases, obtain a license to operate the system from the regulating body such as the FCC. Please contact your Trango Sales representative for more information on obtaining a license in your area.

RoHS Compliance
FCC Compliance
IEC Compliance
ETSI Compliance

ISO Certificate
The Quality Management System of Trango. is in conformance with the requirements set forth by ISO 9001:2008. Download the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate of Conformance in PDF format.

Open Source
Please email gpl@gotrango.com or call +1 (858) 391-0100 ext. 248 to request access to the Trango GPL files.

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