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Wireless Communications for Mission Critical Networks

Trango provides high-capacity microwave wireless backhaul and industrial grade Wi-Fi products for mission critical communications in the Oil and Gas industry. Our wireless systems offer the highest level of reliability with communications for SCADA systems used in monitoring and controlling remote equipment, telemetry for measurement and analysis, high definition video surveillance, radar information, high-speed internet connectivity, and real-time work processes. Our point-to-point wireless systems provide rock solid security with AES-256 bit encryption, environmental resilience with advanced ACM (adaptive coding and modulation), and high-throughput with multi-gigabit FDX (full duplex) capacities. Trango IP backhaul systems are trusted by complex industrial network engineers across the globe because we offer industry leading system gain, ultra-low latency, and exceptional spectral efficiency. In addition to world-class reliability, Trango offers the most return on your investment by reducing capital expenditures and minimizing operating expenses.

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Connectivity for Utility Networks and Smart Grids

Utility providers require reliable networks to carry heavy loads of critical network traffic with advanced information security. Trango offers peace-of-mind with secure point-to-point systems utilizing integrated FIPS-197 compliant AES-256 real-time encryption, with secure management interfaces. These multi-gigabit wireless backhaul products simultaneously increase network performance and reduce costs while strengthening network security. Remote monitoring and control delivery systems require this level of resilience, especially when data transport occurs over long distances in rugged outdoor conditions. There is no faster and more cost effective method of connecting your data, voice, and video communications than with Trango’s industrial-grade wireless systems.

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