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Connectivity for Seaports, Harbors, Marinas, and Cargo Facilities

Trango point-to-point wireless backhaul systems and industrial-grade Wi-Fi radios provide wireless flexibility, security, and reliability for maritime communications. Commercial ports rely on high-capacity indoor and outdoor connectivity to maintain productivity and operational performance. From real-time location systems to shipment/storage management, Trango’s world-class backhaul systems carry mission-critical communications. Wireless connectivity offers broadband solutions in areas where wireline communications can be troublesome or even dangerous. Trango offers state-of-the-art wireless systems featuring AES-256 bit encryption for the highest level of security and advanced ACM (adaptive coding and modulation) for dependable resilience even in harsh environmental conditions.

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Border / Perimeter Surveillance


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Monitor & Protect Restricted Access Areas

Trango offers a complete line of wireless products for your security and surveillance applications. We carry multi-gigabit licensed microwave links with FIPS 197 compliant AES-256 bit encryption, Point-to-Point (PtP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PmP) license-free systems, and high-definition video cameras with night-vision.

In addition to advanced data encryption, our wireless links provide an inherent level of security between endpoints because the links are not visible and cannot be physically cut like wireline cables. Use wireless systems to backhaul multiple HD video streams, audio, mobile radio communications, mobility services, and more. Protect your restricted locations and harden your existing network infrastructure using resilient microwave systems to carry packet-based network traffic over-the-air.

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Land Mobile Radio Backhaul

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Mobile Radio Communications

Modern P25 and Tetra networks are IP based and need reliable backhaul for mission critical communications, redundancy and resiliency. Trango offers high-capacity systems that have a proven track record for high availability, reliability and low operating expense in mobile radio networks. From public safety networks to fleet communications, Trango has the multi-gigabit backhaul systems and single-point management tools needed to meet the requirements of today’s most demanding mobile radio networks.

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