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Trango empowers small business and enterprise-level networks in the delivery of high-speed internet access, VoIP,  streaming video, backup services, multi-site connectivity, backbone links, and leased-line fiber replacements/redundancy. Our mulit-gigabit wireless backhaul products offer an unparalleled end-user experience. Our advanced features give operators the tools needed to ensure five 9’s high reliability of link resilience, adapting to adverse environmental conditions and complex network configurations with ease. 

Rapid Deployment

  • Licensed or license-free options
  • No trenching for fiber
  • Manage both ends from one side

Data Security

  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • Compliant with FIPS-197


  • Multi-gigabit throughput
  • Upgradable bandwidth
  • High modulation rates
  • Frequency division duplex
  • MIMO

Multiple Interfaces

  • GigE + PoE
  • SFP ports for fiber

Redundancy & Resilience

  • 1+1 Hot Standby
  • Sub 50 mS switchover
  • Threshold triggers
  • Advanced ACM

Centralized Management

  • Full-featured NMS
  • Per-port management

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High-Speed Internet Connectivity Anywhere

Connecting remote locations with fiber optic cables can be challenging due to the lack of available fiber drops, cost of breaking ground (trenching), and right-of-way issues that may arise during wireline installations. In some cases the environmental conditions or terrain may prove to be far too cost prohibitive to lay fiber. Some rural communities have created their own broadband networks using microwave wireless backhaul links because of the lack of coverage with existing Telcos and ISPs. Trango’s multi-gigabit wireless backhaul systems can help remote areas gain access to internet services in areas that are currently underserved.

Featured Products

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