Warranty Information

Trango provides equipment warranties for all products manufactured and delivered to our customers world-wide. Trango also offers an optional program for enhanced and extendable warranty coverage for all Trango branded products. Warranties and Extended Warranties are an integral part of Trango Support Services’ total solutions approach to deliver unsurpassed expertise and uncommon value to telecommunications customers.

Trango provides customers with a multi-platform, global program of service and support for all equipment built and delivered by Trango.

Trango provides one of the industry’s top product warranty programs. Our standard warranty covers all customers relative to any product defect they may encounter during the stated warranty period. Due to the international diversity of our business, we offer various warranty terms depending on products and region. Please check with your sales representative to understand better what warranty terms are available to you for all of the Trango products sold in your region.

In most cases our standard warranty starts from the shipment date. From that time until the standard warranty period ends, Trango will replace or repair, at our option, any failed equipment that is returned to one of our identified repair locations. In addition to repair services, Trango provides access during normal business hours to our Technical Support Centers and the resources available in those centers for remote technical support. For more information on our standard Warranty and our Support Policies please speak with your local Trango sales representative. As a customer of Trango you can find out more about our support policies at our Technical Support section of our Website.

For coverage of the equipment beyond the standard warranty period, we offer extended warranties of varying time frames. Contact your Trango sales representative for more information on our Extended Warranty and Support programs for all of the Trango products sold in your region.

Trango Return Material Authorization (RMA) Process

  • Contact our Technical Support Dept. by filling out and submitting the Technical Support Request Form. Provide product information and detailed description of problem.
  • We will review and document the problem. If an RMA is necessary, we will E-mail an “RMA Pre-Authorization” form to you which contains all pertinent information about the product, warranty coverage, and the description of the problem.
  • Please review the pre-authorization form for accuracy, sign, and provide payment (credit card) details. Payment details are required for warranty RMAs as well as non-warranty RMAs. Customer must sign and fax the pre-authorization back to Trango.
  • Trango will E-mail your RMA number and shipping instructions.
  • Only send the item which is suspected to be defective. For example, if the RMA is for the radio, do not ship mounting hardware, PoE devices, power supplies, etc.
  • The returned product must be shipped in its original packaging or suitably constructed, with the serial number and corresponding RMA number clearly written on the outside of the box. If multiple items are being shipped together, a packing slip on the exterior of the box must be provided containing the serial numbers and corresponding RMA numbers. If this information does not match what we have in the system, the package will be returned.
  • Ensure the packaging is not damaged prior to shipping. The shipment will be returned without any work being done if the package is visibly damaged.
  • The returned unit will be tested and repaired to conform with current standard factory criteria. All tested radios will be loaded with the most current version of firmware.
  • You will be contacted if repair charges are required for units within the warranty period, or for non-warranty units requiring extensive repairs.

All shipping damage claims are the responsibility of the purchaser. Inspect each shipment upon delivery and IMMEDIATELY report all damage, to the carrier. There may be time limits and inspections may be required.

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