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PS-WPS-MP – Trango Networks

PS-WPS-MP Series

100 Watt Industrial Wall/Pole Mount Power Supply with Modular Pluggable (MP) Cards supporting standard and non-standard PoE and Direct Power applications 




MP Cards


Modular Power with Flexibility

Trango Networks PS-WPS-MP is the first product in a series
of patented power supply products that utilize a field replaceable Modular Pluggable (MP) card to simplify sparing and support various power applications

Each card has a field replaceable fuse, lightning surge suppression, current and voltage detection LEDs and primary AC and DC backup power inputs. Trango offers Power over Ethernet (PoE) cards with standard and proprietary wiring to support both Trango and 3rd party products, as well terminal block outputs to support direct power applications

  • Input 110-240 VAC
  • Output 40-57 VDC Adjustable
  • Power Output 100 Watts
  • Power Consumption 40-57 VDC
  • Backup Input 40-57 VDC
  • Fuse Blade 2 Amp
  • Temp Range -40 to 70 deg C

Surge Protect

Wall/Pole Mount

Backup Input

Digital Voltage Display

Voltage Adjust



LOW CAPEX- Buy links at a fraction of MSRP

Flexible OPEX- Pay a monthly charge per radio only for the capacity you need

Increase or reduce capacity anytime using the online portal

Warranty never expires as long as account is current

License key automatically downloaded from cloud to enable capacity. No restrictions on modulations or channels

24/7 support, software upgrades, path planning and factory link configuration