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PXG2-AIR – Trango Networks

PXG2-AIR Series

Our flagship patented Modular Microwave system with up to 16K QAM modulation changes how PTP microwave is deployed.  User-replaceable RF Modules, Diplexers, and Covers make field upgrades and sparing simple and cost effective.   The Trango Link Assure program reduces CAPEX dramatically and allows on-the-fly changes to capacity based on the customer needs and SLA.



0 Mbps


The Technology Behind AIR

Trango’s modular design uses a dual-core base unit capable of up to 2.5 Gbps full duplex and channels up to 120 MHz. The internal modem is capable of modulations up to 16K QAM and also supports packet retransmission.

RF modules cover all major frequency bands and are paired with symmetrical diplexers that can be attached in a high or low-transmit configuration. The modules snap into the base unit along with an antenna transition for single-polarization applications or an Orthomode/cover for dual-polarization applications. 

The cover is latched to the base, and the entire unit latches onto the antenna.

  • Bands Supported 6,7,8,11,13,15,18,23 Ghz
  • Operating Temperature Range -40 to +55 deg C
  • Modulation QPSK to QAM 16384
  • Transmit Power Up to +31 dBm
  • Power PoE or Direct -40 to -57 VDC
  • Network Interfaces 10 G SFP+ (2), 1 or 2.5G SFP (1), Copper 1G (1)
  • Power Consumption 45 W (1 RFM), 70W (2 RFM)

Frame Retransmission


150 Microsecond Latency

GPS Position Mapping

Downtilt Sensor

Azimuth Sensor


Link Assure Program

We are intelligence in action.

New Processor

LOW CAPEX- Buy links at a fraction of MSRP


Flexible OPEX - Pay a monthly charge per radio only for the capacity you need


Increase or reduce capacity anytime using the online portal

Safety System

Warranty never expires as long as account is current


License key automatically download from cloud to enable capacity. No restrictions on modulation or channels


24/7 support, software upgrades, path planning, and factory link configuration